So secretly

Being a handful of cloud, come in my heart
Deluge me, being a restless ocean
Remain in my eyes, being two drops of rain
I will give you dreams by twisting my heart

Written your name on my rib’s curvature
Don’t ever bother to be an evil reputation
Split the sky give me a drop of water
Exhausted eyes don’t search any uproar

Thee was very close intimate of my unadorned mind
Without her, how could have spent spring night, gladly
Once you had given me everything, it was silent void
Today all those are memories living with dream, lonely

Love may come several times to everyone’s life
Giving something, it taken too very easily
Eyes can’t see, but you remain in eyes, in dreams, alive
Heart given you home, lips want so secretly

3 thoughts on “So secretly

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” So secretly ” is a well crafted poem that explores the familiar themes arising from interpersonal relationships. A good first post and share from our newest member, Tapan Ghosh. ( Please feel free to post some relevant biographical information,so that our community may know something about you! )


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