So Be It

I keep on writing of it
As if, by doing so,
It would bring it back

I keep on musing of it
Even if the end result
Was that my heart
Got broken into millions
Of irrecuperable pieces!

And if the world shall shame me
For doing so,
If the world shall rebuke me
For doing so,
Then shall I say to it
That I am made of mystical love
And life,
As you know it,
Based on mundane physical grounds
Is not for me!

I shall also say to it
That since it is made of variety
It should be able to understand
The difference that is in me
All children are unique
And have in them,
An original version
Of that which God made them be!

I can help it not
I shall keep writing of it
Even if it is now,
Fumes and vapour
Dissipated into thin air
Meant to be forgotten
And to be left,
In the warmth of the past!

I shall cling not to it
For love,
When true, allows the beloved
To thrive as he would want
And if loving him
Requires the acceptance
Of his indifference for my feelings,
So be it!

3 thoughts on “So Be It

  1. Amita Paul

    A brave poetic take on unrequited love .

    “ Tum agar bhool bhi jaao toh yeh Haq hai tumko
    Meri baat aur hai mainey toh Mohabbat ki hai “
    ( old Hindi Film Song )


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