Slaves of Life

I have been told that the state of bliss
Is only to be felt then when
Our souls merge in with the Absolute One!

I have been told that while I inhabit
A mortal body
I shall have to keep bearing with pain
Of all types,
Coming from all sides!

I have been told
That we are not worry about anything
That we rule not ourselves
That our bodies don’t even belong to us
That we are to accept life’s ebb on our beings
As stonily as shorelines do!

I refuse to accept life
I refuse to have to be prescribed with an identity
With a religion,
With societal rules
Snatching away my freedom
Even if I have been told
That the birth I was pushed towards
Was due to my previous actions
That being born,
Is, in itself a sin
And that I am to make my choices well
If I wish to be saved!

But then, life keeps hovering over me
Looking like it was a God
With an imposing stature
And threatening weapons,
Abide, willed it,
Abide even if I fooled you
Abide even if you don’t wish to
As, such remains the only way for you
To have a chance to save your soul!

Pray, how am I to live
Like a robot,
Going about with my duties,
Caring not for the swords that life
Keeps pricking at me,
Causing blood to ooze out of my soul?

I am a slave, then,
I am a slave of life,
There is no escape from its grip!

Should I do good,
I shall be given another life,
With better dues!

Should I do bad,
I shall still be given another life,
Carrying with it,
Equally bad dues!

A slave of life, a slave of Existence,
With the awakening of the Gods
Burning brightly in my soul!

To abide shall I
For, I have no choice,
At least, such remains so
As long as my strength keeps
Pumping itself all over me!

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