Simper of a flower

Simper of a flower……..

Springing from the beauteous earth

With the song of the glorious sun

Serenity of the calm sweet moon

Under the shades of the spangled sky

My heart was all set to dance

To the chorus of the smooth breeze

Listening to the tunes of sprinkling of rains

With the  grandiose roar of the dark clouds

Overwhelmed with warmth of joy and beauty

My unborn unbeating heart took a beep

With some deep thoughts pondered

And with tranquility in thought

Aware of the effervesce of life

I decided to live  in the moments  by the moments

And the pain of the transitions faded

As though if Sparkled  by a drunkard euphoria

 Who Was to meet the lost love

And the flower silently counted the blessings

As was plucked to the love for the love

Either as ornamentory for the beloved’s hair

Or to find the place at the lord’s feet at the temple

It scented itself with her own fragrance

With the spirit of love to the love for the love

Wiping all the pain and sacrifice

Holding the beauty and fragrance within

Where Lies the mysterious  secret of life

Of which the story remains unfolded as it gets lost

In the weaving of dreams  and pursuit of love

it teaches to pour out the sweet divine nectar of life

But! Nothing except with the sweet simper

It dies to live forever and ever…….


4 thoughts on “Simper of a flower

  1. Louis Kasatkin

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