Siamese Twins

We were born conjoined as Siamese twins
Yet our parents wanted us to surely win
A classic tale of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Neverthless we were our parent’s pride

Together we prodded on our journey
Amidst forests, jungles and weather balmy
We learnt everything normal children did
Marching and taking care never to skid

We listened to each other’s tales
Always on the lookout if either of us wailed
We grew in a bond beyond the physical
And surpassed all tales quizzical

Yet one day each developed her own wings
And spun dreams lofty as kings
We both aspired to fulfill our dreams
Although we chose remarkably different streams

It was now that the acid test came
Each of us dreamt of glory and fame
Yet the greatest lesson was still to be learnt
Nay, we never meant for our desires to be burnt

There was a reason and a special message for us
We were Siamese twins for an important purpose thus
Displaying attributes of great tolerance and patience
We were the Almighty’s special creation

2 thoughts on “Siamese Twins

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    It reads like the thoughts of a character in a fantasy tale – referencing jungles,forests,kings ; But does the “we” allude to an actual twin or is that a metaphor – the reader is left none the wiser.


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