Shredding Paper

Shredding paper length of grinding

nails, blackboard long

As children’s’ fingers, in their ears,

do pray their teacher, with gritted teeth,

Yell profusely, ‘STOP THAT NOISE!’


Chairs now crashing to each beat,

as children’s’ hearts racing, to that screech.

‘Please Miss, our heads, they’re so sore.

Can’t you stop it, ‘til we’re slightly out THAT door?’


On it’s never ceasing sound

Like a dentist’s drill, it grinds.

‘Begging now, it’ll n’ver work

‘til some digging plans are made’.


How to tackle, ‘and destroy’

that outburst just came out from Roy,

(Mind you, he can’t be blamed,

for he’s suffered the worst).


‘Ohh that screeching, please make it stop?

We, us children, CAN’T TAKE MUCH MORE!

Why this torture?

Why this pain?

Is our teacher getting us back, AGAIN?’


Shredding paper sounds’ the WORST!


© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2012

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