A Portmanteau of Short Poems

(Title suggestion by Louis Kasatkin)


It is raining
the moon drips milk
Night is floating


Your eyes in the blue
Of the sky, but the sky was
Floating within me

(with the love for Krishna, I see His eyes everywhere, which is actually installed within me)


Between the two blues
the sky hangs thin
(that of my heart and infinity)

(between the love for Krishna in my heart and Krishna, there is an unknown sky to cross)


when the earth stands
wearing the expression of the sky
the clouds are stilled

(vast field of blue flowers seems touching the white clouds and blue sky)


once fallen
I rest
does it matter where?

(after death the place where the body lies has no relevance to the dead)


my joy has no reason
as well the pink bleeds blue
to the brim of my petals

(ref:  a morning glory flower whose centre is pink and petals are blue)


Why hate cockroaches
And love butterflies?
The Parable of the sower?

(ref: The parable of the sower, where the sower sows the seeds does matter)


Handle With Care
Someone had the heart in a box



Flowerbeds grow on
Insanity, and sanity
Lies a parched field


Creases on the gold’n
Brow of western sky. East hides
A smile behind clouds


Coruscation on
The silk of prismatic kites
A dead butterfly


Darkness is welcome
When the sky caught fire
Else sun can blind you


Bef’re I wing away
May I dab my colours
On your being(?)


(There are poems which are not entirely nature-related so I preferred to call them short poems instead Haikus)

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