Shackleton’s Christmas Dinner

        Shackleton’s Christmas Dinner

Grey and white and

White and grey

ad infinitum



day ;

Scouring faces

battering bone

the ceaseless howl

of the bleak unknown ;

Across the Weddell Sea ice pack

driving the dog team

hauling three boats ,

trudging trudging

seven and a half miles ,

a week’s work ;

White and grey and

Grey and white

ad infinitum






December 22 was kept as Christmas Day, and most of our small remaining stock of luxuries was consumed at the Christmas feast. We could not carry it all with us, so for the last time for eight months we had a really good meal - as much as we could eat. Anchovies in oil, baked beans, and jugged hare made a glorious mixture such as we have not dreamed of since our school-days. Everybody was working at high pressure, packing and repacking sledges and stowing what provisions we were going to take with us in the various sacks and boxes.

2 thoughts on “Shackleton’s Christmas Dinner

  1. VijayNair

    A taut narrative describing an event in the life of the legendary explorer Shackleton ( of Endurance fame).The structure of the poem reflects the bleakness of the surroundings.


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