Serenity is blue

Serenity is a wave
Blue in a frame, pink when you call your mother
Serenity caught in a frame
A wave sinking ships
Swirls of dreams shattered
Muted tears, eyeballs popped up from the turtle’s orbits
Serenity hue drained from the intricate veins
Death in small particles, coloured dust on a Butterfly wings
Serenity found in the cinder flakes ascending from the devil’s pit
Laughter turned to shrieking
Louder, louder, son of mine
Louder, louder, daughter of mine
Let’s sink this ship
Louder into the serenity seas
Break all the windows
Let your mother breathe in one more time
This arrogantly pretext of an air
Flip one more coin before the agony

4 thoughts on “Serenity is blue

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    All the usual tropes about morbidity,existential dread and the like but delivered with the author’s inimitable poetic savoir-faire and just in time to prevent any pretensions getting in the way of a jolly entertaining work.


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