Selfless Love

Why, Love can turn out to be not what we expected

Love can turn out to be violent

Harsh, cruel, jealous and possessive


Love, yes, Love can even turn out to be repulsed

Harbingering for us, bold and cold hatred!


Pray, even if Love is much needed to keep the world revolving

Why, it need not be selfish

Yes, why should we care to please our whims

Do they matter?

Do they really do matter,

When the world has a most negative side

When men, women and children live on streets

When they eat not daily

When they suffer through the harshness of the weather

When they suffer war crimes

War crimes tinged with perversity

When misery abounds in every nook

When the pleasant side of life is a show

A show for the still naïve and the innocent


When the world is such a dreary and a scary place


Why does it matter if Love turns its back away

Pray, remorse not at it

Rather, inflame the remnants of Love, still present in your heart,

The bits and pieces of it

And generously, share it with the world over!


Learn to turn selfish Love into selfless acts of service to humanity!


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