Seagull breeze

…So if I would be flying right now
spinning in the humid breeze over a sea of souls
I would be called the soul seagull…
…And if I would be diving
splitting a second like breaking a tide with my wings
would I be called by anyone?!..
If I would be calling for my fate to appear
up on that cloud
my cry would only start storms over the soul seas of dark
So I gather my small amount of words in a prayer
hoping my sigh will meet an ear…

6 thoughts on “Seagull breeze

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    The cadences of the poem match the soaring and swooping of the allegorical “seagull”,an excellently well executed poetic exposition.A triumph of the craft.

  2. lokesh roy

    enjoyed the poem-from my chambers-the much needed respite from a grueling court session,with seagull &breeze bringing some comfort !


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