My eyes are weary

but my brain is not.

I remember.

I remember too much

that I want to forget.

The shattered Fairytale.

Stranger in a familiar body,

Ice cold stares from eyes that were once so warm and tender.




They call it Bipolar,

I call it the Demon that stole the man I loved.

I run through it in my head

over and over,

but I want to forget

to erase it all and just sleep.

9 thoughts on “Scars

  1. suzette portes san jose

    the world keeps on turning and nothing could ever be fair… each has its nightmare in the depth of barrows…memories of pains and scars remain to be remembered… i can feel the words dear…

  2. SamTem

    The inner pain and feeling is making this poem real and touching. Very personal work and yet it is deep. Scars are only on the body the soul is free.

    1. Elizabeth Post author

      Thank you, it was a personal write to help heal from a very real situation and your comments bring me great comfort.

  3. Nalini Srivastava

    The mental emotional scars of a family/loved one with someone bipolar beautifully expressed.The bipolar in me loved it…

  4. Phil Martin

    As a family that had been effected by Bipolar, this piece took me back to that place again. Thank you Elizabeth.


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