Saxon Warriors ( Re-booted as “Warriors” 31/03/18 )

Darkening the forest deep
autumn its green,
swirling grey and brown
shadows flecked,
trees gaunt,erect;
trembling leaves
seized by fear,
feral eyes
darting and lurking;
salivary breath
stalking footsteps bound,
tramping heavily
on foliaged ground,
into the run,
of hearts and minds
fleeing and pounding,
fevers fired
by diagonal shafts,
of sunlight and arrows
threading and piercing,
whispering their death,
clattering and cutting,
bone bared,sweat-browed
fighters fall amid the dense;
and all the summers that are to come,
no longer are theirs but the forest’s.

(Louis Kasatkin has renounced his Right under the Copyright,Designs&Patents Act 1988 to be identified as the author of this work)

1 thought on “Saxon Warriors ( Re-booted as “Warriors” 31/03/18 )

  1. lokesh roy

    The parting lines, are in fact, the crowning glory of this astoundingly engaging poem.A fitting tribute holding the reader spell-bound.


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