Returning to the Mountain


I have been recalled to the mountain,
By some primeval force,
That has always been half hidden, in my soul.
Is there a reason that I must report
On certain days or years?
I do not know –
I only know –
I must go there alone.

There were times when I was half way up;
I thought I heard the sound of clashing swords;
But the wind can fool you
So you think that you’re not alone.
Then I would climb up to the camping site
Pitch my mountain tent;
And watch the Sun slowly outpace the Moon.

Perhaps inside those ice capped caves,
An abandoned God still lives?
That just needs me awhile for company;
I know that there is a presence,
Although I have never seen a sign,
I felt it is not evil, but benign.

I also know that in the Mists of Time,
A great battle once took place;
Did I perish in that shieldwall with the brave?
Is that the very reason,
I come time and time again?
Is my destiny to revisit my own grave?

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