Requiem (rebooted as A German Requiem 16/10/2019)

Incense-misted eyes
throats baulked with pride,
scars reddened by droplets
a hand wiping spittle
from the breviary’s page;
Drought-mouthed elegies
to ribbons burdened
by weights of guilt,
gleaming handle farewells
accompanied by Bach
to the warrior heart
swollen with longing,
marking time with
the limping clock;
Yearning yearning
for visions
wrought into maps,
iron-ore mountains
forged into Tanks
and nights of gasoline,
when the Sea
of Ages parted
and Schnapps was Wagner
in our heads.

(Another “early”work,circa 1996,I recall “borrowing”the central idea from a poem I heard on Irish Radio at the time.)

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    Sometimes I can’t find words after reading your poetry. It’s like I need to go hone my craft and fire up my imagination to even be worthy to read your works… but that is good for me. I will get better reading such poets as you and the classic giants of literature.


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