Requiem for a Tyrant

Sat at the head of the table
you waged war on yourself with every breath ,
it seemed like it was all for nothing
for those towns you had put to death ;
While others broke down their walls
you raised walls even higher ,
all your words about freedom
were words spoken by a liar ;
You were some kind of world leader pretend
who left the rest of us with
nothing worthwhile to defend ;
You were given power to do as you saw fit ,
and you saw to the closures of factory,mill and pit ;
In your aftermath every now and then ,
we will look up your epitaph written
in Romans chapter three verse ten.

( Footnote gleaned from KJV :-10 As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one: )

3 thoughts on “Requiem for a Tyrant

  1. Sunil

    Reminds me strongly of Marquez.
    The oppression and its resistance through literary pieces is best illustrated by both writers. Kasatkin, in his works, demonstrates a complete commitment to liberal-humanist values and any erosion of the same—the bedrock of democratic polity everywhere—earns his sheer contempt. Subtly it is suggested—a veiled moral warning in this cautionary poem—that tyrants get eroded also in this relentless suppression of democracy; the logic of history—despite closure of productive centers—is equally ruthless and finally, in this unequal war, the tyrant dies tragically unmourned…as all liars are doomed to die unsung. The collective wins and another megalomaniac figure is assigned to the history’s over- flowing dustbin.

  2. Koshy

    Louis, the reference in the last line is off kilter in an otherwise great poem – can’t you just incorporate the verse as the last lines?


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