Relationships Are Like Public Toilets

You said relationships
Are the same like public toilets,
One who is in desperately wants to come out
And the one waiting out
Eager enough to get in.

But which relationship you talk about?
And your comparative philosophy
Will not appeal to every relationship,
A parental relationship is exceptional
Once you go in you need not come out
And there is no outside for to get in.

A mystical relationship with God
Bounds you and me in divinity
And when once in there is no out.

Hold on! i know which relationship you mean,
You mean the love-relationship
Oh dear dear! coming out in love,
Is prohibited and never divine
And if you do
There is no true love in its base,
And who calls it a relationship
When there is no love.

Yesterday I learnt a lesson
A sweet little one for a life,
That i love myself first
With kindness and passion,
Ah! it feels so good now
Look at me,
I love me more than I
Thanks to the teacher
Who taught me so.

4 thoughts on “Relationships Are Like Public Toilets

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    The title by itself intrigued me’s not often that public toilets are used as a metaphor ,for anything I can think of in my long years of being a Writer.And it proves to be a lot of’s well handled and has a self-confident spring in its narrative step. [editorial footnote] I’ve editorially introduced some punctuation-for the readers sake-as they are used to seeing at least some judiciously placed commas in a poem of this length.It’s just like taking a breath when singing.


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