Recovery:(Scenes from a screenplay)

They let her remember ,
and she remembers ;
the slaps ,
the kicks ,
the punches ,
the lighted cigarettes on her arms ;
They taught her how to remember ,
and she has learned now ,
the lesson of
the scars ,
the broken teeth ,
the plastic surgery ,
that followed and followed ;
They sent her away ,
and she left ,
left with all that she remembers now ;
All of their names ,
where each and everyone of them lives ,
where their children go to school ;
Outside the school ,
the car stops ,
she steps out ,
a lean figure in a hooded black raincoat ,
she has a gun , now.

2 thoughts on “Recovery:(Scenes from a screenplay)

  1. lokesh roy

    This one-‘ Recovery:(Scenes from a screenplay) ‘, by Louis Kasatkin is remakable not only for it’s content but for a style that has elements of a’ twist ending’ like that of O.Henry. What is more discernible is the manner in which it strikes a death-blow to an otherwise exploitative character with the cool finesse of a James Bond !


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