Ray- A Drop Of Golden Sun

Spiralling down from the turquoise blue sky
With a twirl of her golden cloak
Downward she ploughed
Carmine hair aflame
The crusader on her mission right
Was a spark bright.
Not bloated with ambitious folly
She sparkled with benevolence jolly
Creeping through my window
With a shimmering glow
Padding across the window sill
on golden feet, yearning to greet
She kissed me on the forehead
Brightly, ah so lightly, hugging me tightly.
Then with another bright kiss
Caressed away the sleep kinks from my eyes
Banishing yesterday’s sighs.
“Rise and shine.” she lisped .
This sorceress of no mean power
Had to go far
so this first ray of a new dawn
Was gone to her next sojourn.
But with a huge yawn
I was reborn
to a new scintillating morn .

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About Santosh

An educationist with a passion for writing , having published some novels for young adults, some essays and some poems. My poetic biography of Mahatma Gandhi will soon be published .

10 thoughts on “Ray- A Drop Of Golden Sun

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    This is quite a jaunty piece ,one with whose fantasy tropes the reader will be familiar.

    EDITORIAL NOTE :- ( for the benefit of the author )

    the opening line ,to wit ,” turquoise blue sky ” ? which is it ?
    the third last line ,” but with a huge yawn “. ( really,how interesting); this segueys into ” i was reborn “.The punchline and delivery appear to be somewhat askew.


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