Ravel’s Perspective

The agony of Summer
that follows the
disappointments of Spring:
The shrouds of Winter
left from Autumn’s repose,
the tearing sounds of ennui
shredding days that we so
carelessly let slip from our grasp;
A malevolent bleakness
rides with abandon
out of the West,
blowing out one by one,
candles we’d lit
in futile acknowledgement
of the unknown;
Silent accusations reverberate
across a fading horizon,
dwindling into the subservience
of the Night;
Songs bereft of melody
words robbed of meaning
pictures without colours
hung on walls
desperately searching for
their missing subjects;
Galleries ghosted with absences,
clock-faces hidden behind masks;
Genius in all its intensity
slaughtered by enfilades of indifference,
Hope left dangling on the gallows
creaking slow and slower still
in the mordant breeze of infamy;
and of the something
we do not discuss.

5 thoughts on “Ravel’s Perspective

  1. Madhumathy

    The poem conveys in an ecstatic manner the feeling of ennui descending casually in accordance with the seasonal change.Interspersed with beautiful imagery the envelopes you with hope and despair at the same time.


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