Puppy Love

I spoke to my husband and children one night
I said,”I want someone who can listen to all that I say
And then follow me everywhere …
Kiss me good morning and good nights
Cuddle up in my arms
And again …follow me everywhere
Feel that I am the world
Keep a watch on me always
Sleep where I sleep, on bed or on the floor
Share what I eat
Search for me
Wait for me
Long for me
When I cry, sooth me with a touch
Feel me as their own
Understand me, my mood
Make me happy always
And etc etc things ….”

They heard patiently
And said you will find the answer tomorrow

The next day
They gifted me a dog…

Yeah !! I know it is difficult
For human beings
To do all that
Everyone is running a race
Everyone has the same expectations

Well, I learnt to give more
Of what I desired of them
Thanks to my puppy
And his puppy love
He taught me
What I should be

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