Prayer for a Departed Soul

We come through tempest tossed moments in life,

Oft we are shaken by the greatest strife,

But we have to live, keep on living,

As long as in this life, our heart is beating.

Through prayer, the Lord Almighty

 Sends us strength to bear the sufferings with dignity,

To brave the shocking bolts from the blue, daily.


And yes, we can pray for the departed soul’s peace fervently,

Resting assured our prayers will soothe the soul enormously.

All of us will leave sooner or later,

For on this earth, we are temporary visitors,

Let everybody remember,

Our number of days to stay here are limited,

But unfortunately, many people take life for granted. 


©Pushmaotee Subrun


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About Pushmaotee Subrun

Pushmaotee Fowdur Subrun was born in 1949 in Mauritius. She pursued higher studies in Delhi University where she graduated in English. For the past forty-four years she has worked in secondary schools, seven years of which she spent in Masvingo, Zimbabwe, teaching English in an army school. She completed her PGCE at the Mauritius Institute of Education in 1993. After her retirement, she was a member of the Council of the University of Mauritius for three years. She is currently a reader and editor in the Ministry of Arts and Culture. She has written one novel, one play and Short Stories and Fables. Her poems have featured in Setu Magazine, ‘Poetry and Creativity’ and in Atunis Poetry.

4 thoughts on “Prayer for a Departed Soul

  1. VijayNair

    A reflective poem on a ”prayer for a departed soul”,human expectations, and the transience of life.

    1. Pushmaotee Subrun Post author

      Indeed life is transient…something we do not remember with so much to do… till it is too late!Thnks so uch dear poet

  2. Amita Paul

    The poet spells out a great truth about life and death : prayers help, prayers redeem us . It’s truly a gift that goes on giving .

    1. Pushmaotee Subrun Post author

      Tons of thanks to you dear poet Amita …yes after all, what is life without prayer to the Almighty who has given us life? Thanks for being there with your positive comments.


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