Potato & The Duke

“I don’t recognise that potato!

what is it doing here?”

enquired the perfumed Duc de Charlatan

with ineffable aristocratic mien;

To disturb the quotidian equilibrium

of this pastoral mise-en-scene

with the inclusion of an errant vegetable,

was in the Duc de Charlatan’s estimation

an inexcusable faux-pas traducing

countless centuries of natural order

and its attendant requisite deference;

To impugn the ethereal harmony

of form,subject and proportion

in such a profane manner according,

that is,to his Excellency,

necessitates the perpetrator of this act

once apprehended be subject to

the full penalties that the Law allows,

which the Duc de Charlatan opined,



5 thoughts on “Potato & The Duke

  1. amitapaul

    An appropriately worded exposition of feudal arrogance and fastidiousness with trenchant satire in every measured word

  2. VijayNair

    An incisive,allegorical satire on the abuse of power in a bygone era which ,in many ways,could be applicable even today, in a totalitarian set-up.


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