Poet The Thief

He wouldn’t say it anymore

Trust not a poet, the thief
Who would rob your heart
Idolize you in verses
Taking away your treasured life
Keeping in hiding your virtues
Sculpturing the poetic semblance
Yet, dissolving you
Into a model’s corner
Acclaiming your silent existence;
Just for a profound stimulation
Often in the grip of passion
He would wave turbulence
Into your viscous heart
You would be an outcast in no time
Thrown into an alcove of solace!

I did reciprocate and register

So am I, a poet you narrate, a thief
Could snatch your heart
Merely in the hook of my
Bewildered charm in the eyes
Lashing all my poetic utterances
With an ever cunning whip
Here I’ve built the structure
Definitely, it’s of the divine poetry;
You are used up in secret
And evaded off your treasures,
Virtues and fineries …
Am I not your poet, the thief?
A pyromaniac!

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Born on first Nov 1959 in Mumbai, INDIA. Had the schooling at Mumbai & graduated in Physics from Calicut University in Kerala. Married to M Ravindran. We have 2 boys , the elder is Lt. Commdr in Indian Navy & the younger boy is doing his MS ( Aero space) at IIT Chennai,India. I am working as a MATH Teacher at Kendriya Vidyalaya since 1980. I write poems in Malayalam, English & Hindi. Published a malayalam Poem collection "JWALA" in 2009. Many of my poems have been published in journals.

8 thoughts on “Poet The Thief

  1. suzette portes san jose

    words ever created are whisperings from within you…
    and it will remain in you no matter how they take them away…


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