Photograph Lockdown ( by Doug High )

Photograph lock down.

27 March 2020


Where shall we go my darling
now that we’re locked down
we can’t go to the cinema
or take a walk down town.

I’ve just had a great idea
to go travelling once again
I’ll get our photos albums out
and we’ll go to sunny spain.

We’ll take a walk along the beach
dip our toes into the brine
then off to our favourite eating place
steak and chips and the local wine.


Then off we’ll go to Italy
lake como I recall
a trip across on the ferry
we liked the best of all.


Why don’t we go to butlins
we’ll arrive just after noon
three kids in the back seat
to start our honeymoon.


Flying off to tenerife
that island looked so small
gentle smoke from that volcano
gave wonder to us all.


Let’s go a cruising
first port of call sicily
a trip up that lovely mountain
the godfather wedding to see.


Then sail off to uncovered pompeii
the ruins make you think
life is so very precious
all humans have a common link


Home again to England
what fun we had all week
looking at our photographs
the world didn’t look so bleak.


What shall we do on Monday
it’s driving me insane
maybe get the photo albums out
and do it all again.

Doug High.

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6 thoughts on “Photograph Lockdown ( by Doug High )

  1. VijayNair

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this delightful piece.The” pace” of this cinematic poem reminded me of a KEYSTONE KOPS movie! Excellent.

  2. Jagdish Singh Ramana

    Beautiful imagery. Yes, there is lot of stuff to do at home. Art is oblique. Stay home, tuned to art. Lovely. Enjoy reading it.

  3. Amita Paul

    This is a fun poem and contains a good idea for passing isolation time with armchair travel – and memories which can fetch us roses even in December

  4. abu sidik

    cool, cool, cool poem it is. Love the images and the presentation is indeed a wow! so smooth, so neat! In time of lockdown it cheers the readers. Thanks for sharing…


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