I’m tired, must rest
You go on, Cabbage
Go on, do your best
Drop excess baggage

Yes, Life is a quest
And so is marriage
When you must go west
I’ll bring your carriage

Your liege-man I’ve been
To serve and protect
My Love and My Queen
Faithful and correct

From two steps behind
To two steps ahead
In death I’ll path-find
In life you have led

( ASA )

5 thoughts on “Philibet

  1. Suma K Gopal

    Very touching, short eulogy taking the essence of Lilibet’s and Philip’s life! A couple who ‘did justice’ to the institution of marriage with their sheer patience and endurance! And, loved the creative title of the poem too!

  2. VijayNair

    The title draws your attention at once in this delightful monologue/ love poem .One can imagine Philip mouthing these lines in his own ,very often,direct manner,with a twinkle in his eye.


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