Our Time

Our time
is over
like a river
ends in the sea.

Our time
is over
like a quiver
of nervous lips.

Our time
was one
like the sun
in the monsoon.

Our time
has gone
like a torn
piece of page.

Our time
was sung
like the young
hearts in spring.

Our time
was perhaps
just a lapse
of destiny.

Our time
never began
rather than
say it’s over.

Our time
was just a dream,
a promise’s ghost,
a pebble lost
in the stream
of life…

– July 12th, 2012

3 thoughts on “Our Time

  1. Sana Rose Post author

    Thank you so much, Louis, I’m greatly humbled to gratification!

    Thank you very much, Lokesh, for encouraging and giving feedback on my works. 🙂 It’s much needed!


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