Our Footprint

The soul of Earth bears our weight
With the same compassion
That a mother would hold for her children;
Tolerantly and patiently, regardless
Of the amount of harm that we are causing her
By killing off her flora for the sake of our
Own selfish essence,
Essence that we take to be the meaning of
Everything but essence which remains
Temporary and frugal!

We realise not that we need to be surrounded
By trees as our mortal bodies need the fresh
Oxygen that they emit,
But, we seem to make of ourselves, Gods,
Who can produce everything in laboratories,
From life, to air!

Why, the soul of Earth controls itself
As it knows that its anger can cause
Irreversible consequences for us!

She swallows her pain and her resentment
And sheds silent tears in her lonely womb
While, we, uncaring and motivated by the demands
Of our senses, can only think of where
We shall lay more bricks, more asphalt, more
Concrete, all that which bid us to leave a
Heavy and filthy footprint behind us!

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