Only Time Will Tell

“This is the Watch

that was broken for you”..

Who forgot to partake of

the sacraments of Time

and found themselves

short of days?

“This is the Time

that was spent for you”..

Days they will never see again,

nor gather unto themselves

those ephemeral moments

spiralling beyond their grasp;

“This is the Watch

that was broken for you”..

And the body of the hours

now broken for them on a platter

so that they might never

have to break the hours again;

“This is the Time

that was spent for you”.

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4 thoughts on “Only Time Will Tell

  1. VijayNair

    A delightful, subtle,contemplative narrative incorporating both a sense of regret and the acknowledgement of the end of Time,as we knew it.

  2. Amita Paul

    This poem has a Biblical cadence to it with imagery that conjures up the liturgy and the ceremony of the Holy Sacrament


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