Once Upon A Time in The West

When that wind roars out of the South,
the one called the “Zephyr”,
it tears right through El Paso
with raw heat and anger;

Blasting like buckshot
in saloon bar brawls,
it stampedes droves of tumbleweed
herding it like cattle;

Zephyrs sweep away everything,
except memories and their re-telling
that clatter,that chatter across
strung out continental wires;

Informing city readers a day later
of some gunfight someplace so far away,
that the retelling of it
enobles the mythical participants;

three cadavers, jackets buttoned
silver coins placed over their eyes,
lined-up one,two,three
for the Wm.H.Walker Camera;

The faces of Pat Garrett and William H. Bonney
absent from that white and black portrait,
they got paid their double gold eagles
and rode off.

( A previous version was posted 21/6/2011 )

3 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time in The West

  1. suzette portes san jose

    the wild wild west… the bounty hunters… no gunless society… and justice is right at hand…where the trigger passes the judgment… things have a twist in the world today… the hunted are now the hunters… the survival of the sacrificial lambs of the society are judged by the laws of hypocrisy…


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