Oh! My sailor

It’s you ambled into my forsaken shores!


None else than you could


Plunge into my vastness

Sail past my turbulence

Pat n curb my upheavals

Swing in my rhythms

Dance frenzy to my trumpeting tunes


Hey! My sailor

Drift along

Pull in

Merge in my ebbs n tides


None else than you could


Dive with an abundant mirth

Heals up n head down

Into my ultimate bluish depths


Hey! My diver

Drive in vigour

Rob me of my rubies n pearls

Stay at my depths

Slow down to pick me up

Wait; I’ll willfully gift

All that you crave for.



In just a flicker of a timely bliss

Sailing, diving and showering into me

Marvellously a deposit you penned

At the utmost bottom of me!

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