Obligations to life

The skies hold out their hands to me

Waiting for me to grasp their cue

So that, once elevated to their bliss

I shed off the murkiness of mundane life!


The skies, though, after cajoling me

Descend me back to Earth

As, it would seem, that I have duties

To carry out

And aims to achieve!


Pray, shouted I then to the skies

Leave me not here

Away from you, I do feel so abandoned

Away from you, I do feel out of place

Away from you, I do not feel like myself!


But the skies just smile down at me with kindness

It would seem that I would have to serve my sentence

Till the very end!


Pray, I shall keep hoping to have their guidance

And watchful eyes over me

As the world, if turned inside out

Can be a freaky scary place!


Yet, to my obligations to life

Do I stick to

As the carrying out of these

Shall allow me to ascend up there

Someday, somehow!

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