O! Life

O! Life,

One summer afternoon,
Suddenly, without purpose, but for a reason,
No prior appointment,
Like two strangers,
You met me suddenly,
I couldn’t see your face even,
Those few minutes together,
Without any intention,
Without any planning,
Without any idea,
But, destined to be,
Transformed my life forever;
Initially, you were not beautiful to me,
But gradually,
Your sweet voice,
Your infectious smile,
Your catchy laugh,
Your deep eyes,
Your unique style,
Your mysterious behaviour,
Your positive attitude & you,
Aye, you,
Won over me,
I suddenly realised
No one was ever beautiful as you,
No one ever loved me as you,
No one was ever important as you..
You, you became the best part of me.

No, not a single moment
Was without you, only you
The most adorable, the most sought after,
I couldn’t find anyone else except you,
Even in my sleep
Only you, you were visible.
You became my dreams, my wish, my desire, my aspiration,
You are and you will be.

It’s an agreement for eternity
And beyond that,
Whatever you say or do,
You’ve been locked up here, for ever
In the cell of my heart,
Ya, Cardio Queen.

© Khaleeq

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About Dr Khaleeq Ahmad

Dr. Khaleeq Ahmad, working in the field of education in India, is a B.Ed and an M.A., Ph.D. in English. He has been working as a Teacher Trainer, material developer and a resource person in ELT. His professional qualifications include Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT), Cambridge University, London, Teacher Development Programme and Train the Trainer both from British Council India, GESE- Grade 12 from Trinity College, London and School Leadership Development Programme from IIM Ahmedabad. Partnership) Award from British Council and has been awarded with the 'Bhagirthi Award' for Excellence in Teaching of English in 2012. Dr. Ahmad loves to read books full of suspense and thrill. He studies poetry particularly Urdu Ghazals along with Wordsworth and Browning.

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