O captain! O captain
Where are you???
Lost is my soul within your soul
Please be back
I need your sheer presence
I can hear your very silent whisper
Of bidding me grandiose farewell
You are making me decipher the notes of waves
You are handing me the cabin keys
You are making me master to sail the ship
But o’captain! O’captain
Believe me I will forget everything
In the mist of your fuzzy blurred presence
My spirit will be haunting
My heart will be bleeding
My soul will be restless
To teem the Volcano in the sea
Sea will see the tears rolling down my cheek
And if a single drop of it falls
Thy ! captain thy! Captain
I know your heart will beep
Even at the deep slumber at the graveyard
Please be back
O captain ! o captain…………
If my words will fall short to your ear drums
The whole of sea will conspire with it’s own echo
For I will get merged into the drops drop by drop
With every breath ,with every breath
the echo will get louder and louder
with sky reflecting as the mirror
to show me the face of my captain
but you know captain
but you know captain
but you know captain
And you know captain
O’ captain ! ,o’ captain

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