Nostrum Intoxication

Clouds float lazily up above my head

Making the silent blue skies seem so heavenly

While birds enjoy their freedom

Going wherever they want

And looking down at me with pity

Seeming to remind me that, unlike them,

I have no wings

Hence, meant am I to remain scotched to Earth’s soils

Trees sway to the left and to the right

Guided by the strength of the wind

Looking like they are engaged in a slow

Sensual dance with their existence

And that of mine


Amidst this harmonious clime

I can only try to persuade my heart

To calm down

The expectations hammering on it

Are not to be turned into works of art

But being so stubborn

My heart has untied the knot

That it had with me

Now, like the clouds

Like the birds

Like the trees

It only wants to break free

Since I can calm it not

It seeks to be there where it

Can be soothed!

3 thoughts on “Nostrum Intoxication

  1. suzette portes san jose

    break free…let your soul soar far beyond the horizon…the sky awaits steady and still, you can touch the stars glide with your wings just as much as your heart’s desire…only set your spirit free from the consciousness of reality…


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