Nocturnal Opera

Nocturnal opera was in full swing,

Coos, caws and hoots of our friends with wings,

In nature’s dawn to dusk soundtrack,

An anthem sung by maestros of nature in playback.


The cricket provided droning background music,

A bubbly whistle of invisible artist gave some kicks,

A ballad in mellowed tone rendered by nightingale,

In between, blood- curdling screeches of tawny owl.


Snorts and snuffles of frogs as they met to mate,

The rhythmic rasps of cicadas that linger late,

From tree top, a nightjar made ringing sound of an anklet,

I shivered, fearing of a ghost, wrapped in my blanket


Hearing all those songs in Nature’s nocturnal theater,

I was thrilled and amazed, in all aflutter,

More melodies by unidentified artists with wings,

Oh, how sweetly those winged nocturnal angels sing!!

© K.Radhakrishnan

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Poet K.Radhakrishnan lives in Bhopal city, India. Born on 4th November 1955. He is an underwriter by profession and worked as a senior level executive in NEWINDIA ASSURANCE, India's largest General Insurance Company till his retirement. He is engaged in consultant activities and insurance education. He has co-authored three insurance text books for NATIONAL COUNCIL OF EDUCATION, TRAINING AND RESEARCH(NCERT), INDIA. He has a passion for writing poetry which he pursued after retirement from his job. His first poetry book REFLECTION OF SOUL was published by LULU PRESS and is selling in Amazon and Barnes& Nobles His second book ERUPTION OF BOTTLED UP EMOTINS is under publication.

4 thoughts on “Nocturnal Opera

  1. Nalini srivastava

    A poem that reminds me of Vikram Seth’s The Frog and the Nightingale.A thoroughly enjoyable that too with music and rhythm directly from lap of mother nature


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