What the State says is lies
which those in office seek to disguise,

with myth,fiction,opinion or fable
so as to render commonsense unable,

to tell apart what is virtuous and fair
from their vision of awful despair;

What the State says is lies
watching for your reaction with its feral eyes,

keeping the night safe for its mischief and deeds
gorging itself with your servility on which it feeds,

and with that attitude it struts thro’ your days
observing your conformity with a baleful gaze,

without hesitation or a pause
taking from you with its claws,

whether it favours those of its right or left
what the State has is theft.

4 thoughts on “Nietzsche

  1. Santosh

    Yes indeed , Big brother still has sharp eyes , and a baleful gaze , trying to browbeat lesser humans into conformity. Excellent !


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