New World

What germinates is new
I can only contemplate
If it is a poison ivy
Or a sweet fruit to be

Do I water it
Or let it dry
A million dollar question

That exists
Says the mind
Let there be enough sky
For the new
To grow
The roots can stay
For there is no way
Of the tangles
Of this Underworld

Fading lights
Shedding leaves
Dancing autumn winds

Let the air breathe
The sweet scents
Let it carry the newness afar
Let it project
The beauty of everything
On the remotest of the scars
Let it absorb peace
From the distant star
Let it evolve
Like never before
We have been waiting far too long.

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About Gauri Dixit

A software professional from Pune, India, Gauri is an avid reader and writes English poetry. Her poems have been published in multiple anthologies including 'Cloudburst - the womanly deluge' and 'athe Virtual Reality'. Her poems were featured in the Poet's Corner for the E-zine 'Mind Creative' published from Syndey Australia and Learning and Creativity e magazine.

8 thoughts on “New World

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    An engaging and insightful work rendered with commendable poetic deftness.


    Editorial Notes for the benefit of the Author:-
    1. You will notice a minor grammatical amendment to the final line as originally submitted.
    2. Please feel free to share some relevant biographical details on your a/c.


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