Nectar Of Deeds

Nectar Of Deeds

I feel surrounded by
members of my family, and friends,
rubbing my dead body to
remove stains and blots on it ,

they had been struggling to complete job ,
used sandpaper,breaching powder ,
and other chemicals solvents ,
but in vain, had no effect ,

i told them to bring the bottle
lying in locker of my cupboard,
it was gifted to me by my father
when he was at his death bed ,

the bottle was half filled when he gave it,
had advised me to keep it filling ever,
i told them to use this Nectar Of Deeds
to wash my body & remove the blots,

this time, they succeeded without fail,
removed all the spots & stains
except some impressions and dots ,
those can’t be cleaned , i told them ,

anxiously all wanted to know about it,
there was nectar of good deeds in the bottle
which i could earn during span of my life ,
it cleans every spot on our soul,

it removes all ill wills ,bad deeds and hatreds,
it purifies our soul and mind ,
it leaves no black marks in our thoughts ,
it beautifies our internal spirit,

i remember, when my father was cremated,
he had no spot, no stains over his body,
he must have pained a lot to earn blessings
& flow it into the bottle up to the brim,

i had also been trying to fill the bottle ,
but could never reach to its neck ,
alike my father ,i handed it over to my son
and advised to follow the traditions,

do good , earn blessings
discard hatred, love everybody ,
you will carry nothing with you ,except
your name or permanently marked blots ,

i had a wish that i could leave this world,
without having any blot on my face ,
by grace of God ,i am fully contented now ,
let my body be cremated with peace

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