Ne plus ultra in khadi

Just a simple, horizontal, rectangular cloth made of khadi.

Unfurled, at full mast
proudly fluttering and flying
you still make my heart beat slightly faster
and fill my eyes with tears of joy.

You are One and Indivisible but your
Saffron is for sacrifice and courage
White for peace, truth and purity

Green for prosperity, fertility and fecundity
and the Ashoka Chakra or blue wheel in your centre ripples stilly
standing for Life as a circle and cycle
the twenty four spokes in it signifying the eternal law of Dharma.

Mutual respect, compassion, unity and love
are the four pillars on which I’d make four of you fly
if I had the chance, on this unforgettable day.

You remind me of Mother(-land), Advaita, Hinduism,
Christ, Christianity, Buddha, Ambedkar, the sky, the day’s 24 hours
Islam, Nature and Gandhi too – all at one glance!

You also remind me of black, and red
and all the other missing colours in the prismatic spectrum
as if to say you are, at the same time, only
part of a Greater Total.

Freedom and the future!
The universe awaits us.
Oh, Hearts that throb with sorrow
and ache with hope;
tomorrow widens
before (y)our eyes
in a limitless expanse!

My India is great.
Victory to India.
Unless we too grow proud.
Pride makes civilizations, however great they are,

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Dr A.V. Koshy is presently working as Assistant Professor in Dept. of English, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Jazan University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He has authored or co-authored seven or eight books of poetry, theory and criticism. He is an editor and anthologist. He is also a distinguished teacher of the English language and literature and a critic, with a Ph.D in modern poetry, specifically Samuel Beckett's poems in English. He was a Pushcart Prize nominee for poetry in 2012 and his book Art of Poetry was selected as Best Reads 2012 by Butterfly and the Bee. He has been editor's pick on Camel Saloon thrice and poet of the month thrice in Destiny Poets UK besides often having his poems appear in the highly selected category. Has other international awards, diplomas and certificates to his credit too.

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