Natural fury

The clouds gather
A vast expanse of sea in the sky
The rumbles of discontent thunder
flashing angry looks of light.
Earth rising up to gather,
her beloved oceans in her arms
Howling winds storm about
Swirling dust forms whorls and rounds.
Mighty trees bang their heads.
Falling branches make a broken bed.
The rats and snakes form shaky bonds
Hiding in holes underground.
Over gorged rivers swell and pout
Muddy waters from the fields spout
Birds of every feather flee
The surface of earth in full fury
Gigantic mountains begin to nod
In rhyme and rhythm with nature’s glee
As she dances and claps her hands
Bringing an end to man’s greed.

-Reena Prasad

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About Reena

Reena R is a poet/writer from India, currently living in Sharjah (United Arab Emirates). Her poems have been published in several anthologies and journals. She is the Destiny Poets UK's Poet of the year for 2014 and one of the editors of The Significant Anthology released in July 2015. She won awards at ‘World Union Of Poet’s’ poetry competition, 2016 and at "As You Like It International Poetry Contest’. She won the Reuel International Prize for poetry, 2018.

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