My White Swan


I pity your love for me
For I am not my old self
That spread the mat
Of kindness and innocence
Under the tree of comfort
For anyone who wants it

I pity my own self
For my heart no longer
Sees, feels, hears or speaks for me
The nihilism those before you
Left on my mat
Has made me mindful.

I pity you as I am not happy
But concerned for your purity
Envious of your guiltless verve
The smiles your eyes smile!
You should love another innocent
For mindfulness only corrodes.

Out of much love my white swan
Let me fly you to a kinder riverside
Where you will bask in cherishment
Swim in love and feed on appreciation
In the measure you deserve
Instead of surviving in my arid heart.

© Panjami Anand










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About Panjami Anand

I am Panjami Anand from Mumbai, India. I am into Tarot card reading, Numerology, Past Life Regression and Clairvoyance. I endeavor to hunt for others and myself reasons to many an inexplicable things in life. The layers of human relationships and things people say starkly without actually saying anything inspires my poetry. I am a homemaker otherwise and I aspire to be a fine human capable of much giving. Thank you for your time. Love, Panjami Anand

4 thoughts on “My White Swan

  1. nr_67

    in the vast jungle of words and vovabulary , the roaring tiger and the ballad queen moulded into one form called Panjami! Enjoyed your work immensley. Wordsworthique last verse! Wonderful


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