My way of healing

If I could have my way,

I would have made it such that clouds talk to humans

Regularly informing them of the matters of the heavens

So as to instill peace in them

So as to imbibe hope in them

So as to liberate them from their agony!


If I could have my way

I would have it such that earth’s mother talk to humans

Soothing them, easing their pain,

Thereby allowing them to love the life she imposes over them

And even informing them of any incoming calamity

So that to safety they do get to hide

While the time is still clear!


If I could have my way

I would have it such that love, true and pure

Be visible to humans

So as to allow them to smile and laugh

With open hearts, at all times

Instead of pretending to be not immersed in mundane throes

Instead of living according to the beats of their own ego

Instead of choosing to be voluntarily swirling in denial!


If I could have my way

I would have asked Time to slow down

To allow humans to steady their pace

And to listen, in deafening silence,

To the tunes of their own fates

Transfixed, as snakes are by snake charmers!


If I could have my way

I would have allowed myself to bury my palms in the depth of Existence’s reality

I would have allowed myself to inhale of its fragrance

To play with its unruly rules

To disturb its uneven pace

As, just like Existence,

I am simply letting myself float

In a messy confusion!


Here, Clouds, Mother Earth, Love and Time,

Other than being silent

Are more than inconsistent!

3 thoughts on “My way of healing

  1. louiskasatkin

    A vibrant work that engages our attention and challenges our perceptions with inimitable poetic aplomb.


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