My Tale


I'll marry Death
And Life, relieved,
Will celebrate by taking up
The form of a huge fire
Which will burn in the middle 
Of an evergreen forest!

The fire will dance,
Its flames reaching up to
Touch the skies
And its sparkles
Will mesmerize humans
All over the world
As these will not understand
How can it be
That such a huge fire
Has birthed by itself!

As the wife of Death,
I'll rule over Life
During the day
Giving it orders
As to when to cease to be
Or when to come into Existence
And by night,
I'll shudder in the bed of Death,
Unable to keep silent
When his needs will be met
Through the curves and the softness
Of my body!

As the wife of Death,
I will always be ecstatic
Never having my tantrums
Meet with indifference
Or my childish mood swings
Taken as being redundant
And If I do choose
I will even douse the fire of Life
So as
To save the Earth
From burning itself to ashes!

2 thoughts on “My Tale

  1. Bilquis Fatima

    A beautiful take on death.”I will even douse the fire of life so as to save the Earth.”
    Brilliant lines.


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