My Spiritual Soul Takes Flight

Tears now rolling down my cheeks,

this depth of pain I find I’m in as I try to sleep.

This pain relief I now must take

Shook reduced not now, these have worked

Tears now find I, rolling down my cheeks.

Again I’m woken by this pain,

Please not now, that dream was good.

Dragged through depths where dungeons once groaned

This pain, has led this tortuous soul must go.

Through strength of breath and functional mind,

Doth now my mind fight back

Though singular the step, backwards this pain

Takes control with each new breath.

In breath of God showers His love, His blessings true.

How can you tell? I hear you doubt.

For with each breath springs forth

new growth, that all is well,

My heart-felt prayers, for now He’s heard.

Now I sleep indeed in pain, and yes, though deepened

Still hurt I, my body’s’ weakened state.

Yet, now my soul takes flight

through heart-felt knowledge I’m not alone,

for God hears all, and sings my song

which grows in faith that conquers now,

This pain, once depthed, through His Eternal, Divinity and Love

Clothed-wiped my cheeks, my eyes, my brow

For now my heart lowered, and sad

Do I now hang high with faith-led breath.


© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2013

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