My Share of Light

O Lord! We’re waiting for our share of light
Let an illuminated path come in our sight

May peace be upon you O Jesus, son of Mary!
Peace be upon all who’d fetched heavenly decree

You had faced ordeals convincing your followers
Your mission deserves to be played over and over

Towards a world under frenzied darkness
Crushed by falsehood by its own sureness

Those envoys of humanity had never wished
Their deaths and births to be celebrated, instead

They made their intentions clear from the start
Their realistic simulation was for people at large

They were among us for a time period
To convey master’s commandments beneficial

To warn against the satanic transgressions
To scare us from the eternal damnations

To save us from the hell fire of disbelievers
For that emissaries were sent to the dwellers

Their mission shouldn’t go waste, O Ruler!
Instill light of faith in our hearts’ manor

Cast aside evils hiding in darkness in every nook
Send Jesus (PBUH) to clip them and to hook

Copyrights reserved: DrNikhat Bano
December 25, 2017.

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About Nikhat Bano

I am an ESP (English for Specific Purposes) Instructor by profession. I love to write romantic and spiritual poems and I find a great sense of relief after penning down my thoughts on paper. It has now become a passion for me and will continue as long as I live.

10 thoughts on “My Share of Light

  1. Nikhat Bano

    Thanks Loius Kasatkin for your good words!
    May we all pay heed to the Almighty’s message and help our Messengers in accomplishing the God’s mission. May the coming years witness earth with good fearing inhabitants.

  2. Nikhat Bano Post author

    Yes, dear Avishi, I intended to write a meditative poem to calm my restless soul, as I believe in higher power and his decree.


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