My Search

I’m searching something
I don’t know
What I’m searching for.

But I am searching
Which I don’t know.
I’d have searched it out
If I could know
What I have to search.

I’m searching something
Like the rest of the world
Searching and searching
Love, Peace and Happiness
Still consequence is discomfort
Leading to a miserable life
As if Search is in vain
Leaving all aside.

But search is incomplete
Not known within
How many era.

Though I don’t know
What I’m searching
But my search ‘ll be continued
Till the devastation of the creation
When I’d sit on the hump
And will peep into each particle
To realize the fact of creation and devastation
Till then I’ll be searching and searching
To obtain the goal of creation.

All rights reserved
@ Ramesh Rai

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Poetry!! ! The Expression of soul. Poetry ! A perpetual stream of sacred consciousness flowing ever and ever beyond planets and stars and even plenty of universe. writing poetry since teen age. Use to write chiefly in three languages viz English, Bengali and Hindi.Retired from government service still have to cover a long journey. Life may come Life may go but a poet goes on for ever.

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