My quests

I asked

Where can I find comfort?

The winds whispered



I asked

Where can I find refuge?

The moon murmured



I asked

Where can I find peace?

The leaves, ruffling, said



I asked

Where can I find love?

The stars, sparkling still,

Blurted out,



I asked

Why not?

And was met with silence


I asked

What shall I find here?

Then, Earth, herself,

Bold and majestic

Opened her womb

And, in a motherly voice,


Here, you shall meet solely with hurdles

Here, you shall have to keep on waging battles

For things which are trivial for the awakened

Yet, which remain the center point for the ignorants

Then, as resolute as ever

Earth went back to her sleep

While spreading her body, large and expansive

To allow me, and others who are like me

To be!


Pray, I like it not here

I shall keep on searching

For what which my soul yearns

Yes, so shall I do

Even if that would imply

Having to leave this world forever

And wage even bloodier battles

There, in worlds far much mightier!

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