My Preordained Path

My preordained path is not an easy one
At times, I have to battle invisible demons
And at others, I find myself swimming
Through murky waters inhabited by
Swamp monsters, while having,
My feet solidly upon asphalted roads,
And my mind, fluttering to my own
Ideal of what success means to me!

The waters can get rough,
Turning even into tsunamis
Ready to drown me in their fury,
Mockingly laughing at me
As I drown in their own bottomless depths!

But since I trust the divine that rules me
And since I abide to the fate that it has
Bestowed upon me, I show my love
By gathering strength in my weak arms
And by swimming my way towards
There where I am headed,
Fully aware that at the end of
Every destination, lies an outcome
And that mine will surely
Be made of underwater thrones
And shiny crystal crowns!

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