My Point

The silent night is gorgeous
Dressed it is,
In layers of romantic flute notes
Adorning its crown
Is the shy moon, peeking from
Between bold and brave clouds!

Would you believe, said Love
That we shall have only as much time
As our youth will allow us
To bathe in the night’s amorous desires
To allow our feelings to be celebrated?

Really, said I
Have you not understood my point
That which I have been writing of
Since the beginning of my awakening
Twelve moons ago
Have you not understood
That ours is a story which shall outlive
Old age and death
Have you not understood
That we are awaited, as a couple lost in love
Back there from where we came
Have you not understood
That the skies have whispered your name to me
Once, as I was drowning in mundane slumber
Have you not understood
That, shall they be happy with our love story
They shall open their gates to us
And celebrate us,
As being Love’s very symbolism!

And can Love of this type exist? asked Love
With lightning flashing in his eyes
And thunder echoing in his voice

Of course, it does, said I
Like water, I remain the river’s flow
Finding my sooth only when merged with
Your deep oceans
Like desires, I remain the passionate throb
Feeling complete only in your touch
Like day and night, I remain the moment of transition
Finding my bliss only when my daylights die out to give way to dusks
And when my darkness dissipates only to allow dawns to rule
Like music, I remain the deep and classical notes
Finding my anchorage only when I am played sensually to you
Like a lover, I remain your own,
Having forsaken the purity I initially chose
Finding my harmony only in being, for you,
A being of sin!

Pray, the night is still fresh
The moon plays its shy game still
Stars sparkle only once in a while
As they wish not to illumine us,
Lovers, tangled naked in each other’s arms!
The night is still fresh
And while we’ll be on Earth
Pray, let’s enjoy of such God given bliss
As much as we are allowed to!

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